Powered Prosthetic Leg

The Fusion of Robotics and Bioengineering

Applying robotics to recognize posture and movement via various sensors.
Assisting the users’ movements via control based on bioengineering.

Powered Knee Joint

Powered Foot


Robotic prosthesis that enhances mobility for the disabled

It is much anticipated by amputees to improve the functionality of prosthesis because of increasing the number of elderly amputees and amputation due to diabetes.

The idea behind this project is to solve the problems of crutches holding hands, wheelchairs and bedridden people, and people who cannot walk naturally, and to provide freedom and pleasure in mobility through the development of artificial legs. By bringing power to the mobility of people with disabilities, we hope to help them become more independent in their daily lives and advance into society.

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■ These are product prototypes; adjustments may be made to the final product.
■ Please note that the specifications and equipment may change without notice.
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