Powering Mobility For All

We aim to contribute to the development of human mobility

through the integration of robots and humans.


We aim to become a mobility company that provides solutions that
make it smarter and easier for people to get around.


When I was nine years old, I had my right leg amputated due to an illness. I was living in China at that time, and the welfare system was not well developed. When I came to Japan as an exchange student, I wore a prosthetic leg for the first time, which freed my hands from the crutches they had been restrained by, and I still remember how grateful I was for it.
Prosthetic legs have evolved in various ways, but I believe that there is still a great deal of room for development in terms of powered movement support. I conducted research on prosthetic legs at the University of Tokyo, applying bipedal robot technology to develop this powered prosthesis. Just as my life has changed completely since I wore a prosthetic leg, I would like to contribute to improving the lives of prosthetic leg users by introducing powered prostheses to the world.
From my own experience, I believe that mobility is as important as food. I myself went from crutches to a prosthetic leg and my activity level has improved. Human mobility has been extended because of those tools, such as cars, trains and airplanes. But with so many vulnerable people with limited mobility today, I asked myself, “What can humans do to move smarter? We are always thinking about how to make a device that can extend the mobility of all people, including the crippled and elderly. We want to create devices that utilize and extend our cyborg technology to extend the mobility of all people, including the crippled and elderly. Our mission is to bring power to the mobility of all people.
Xiaojun Sun, CEO

Bring Innovation to Mobility

Humans have been making various innovations in mobility. Bicycles, cars, trains, ships, airplanes, rockets, and a variety of technologies make the impossible possible and offer new freedom in mobility.

Mobility innovation is not limited to vehicles. Shoes, escalators, and other products that are common in everyday life have also greatly improved people’s mobility through innovation.

BionicM brings new innovation to mobility by using technology that blends robotic technology with the human body. It aims not only to develop artificial legs, but also to create technologies and devices that bring power to the mobility of healthy people.

Proide the Right Technology to the Right Place

In the past, people with poor eyesight felt inconvenienced in their lives, and they were considered sick by people around them. Today, however, there are fewer and fewer people who have difficulty seeing because eyeglasses are easily available, contact lenses are developed, and LASIK technology is developed. Furthermore, some people wear glasses as fashion regardless of their eyesight.

When people feel uncomfortable with something, BionicM believes the problem is not that they have, but the technology they need. People who have had their legs amputated feel inconvenienced not because of their own problems, but because they do not have the right technology to develop highly functional artificial legs that can be used without stress.

BionicM aims to solve various problems in the world by providing the right technology that is needed where it should be.

Origin of Company Name

“M” of BionicM has 2meanings, Mobility and Man.By combining robot technology with the human body, we aim to lead the development of mobility not only for prosthetic legs, which are our core technology, but also for all people, including healthy people.