BionicM is Selected as “J-TECH STARTUP 2019”

Bionic M has been certified as one of Japanese leading technology venture companies, “J-TECH STARTUP 2019” by “TEP” (Official name: TX Entrepreneur Partners), one of Japanese largest support organizations for technology venture companies.

This system certifies and awards as “J-TECH STARTUP” companies whose core competence is technology, regardless of the field of hardware or software. There are 2 application slots, a seed slot (Companies before venture capital investment. Including angel funded, crowdfunded, and prospective entrepreneurs) and an early slot (An unlisted company that has received investment from venture capital etc. and is capitalized at less than 1 billion yen and has 50 or fewer employees.), and they were selected by TEP based on business innovation, economic scale, social influence, and business execution ability. Certified companies are mentored by experts and supported for global expansion.

More information is available at the link below.



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