Sun Xiaojun Ph.D

Founder & CEO
Doctor of Engineering

Completed doctoral course in Department of Information Science and Technology of Tokyo University Graduate School of Engineering. He had his right leg amputated at the age of 9, but was unable to use a prosthesis for financial reasons, so he spent 15 years on crutches. In 2009, he came to Japan as an exchange student at Tohoku University. After that, he put on a prosthetic leg for the first time using the prosthetic leg support system in Japan. In 2013, he joined Sony after graduating from the University of Tokyo. Experienced in product development and mass production processes as an engineer.

In his daily life, he realized the inconvenience caused by the lack of function of existing prosthetic legs, and he became concerned about the fact that prosthetic legs were not delivered to those who needed them because they were expensive. In 2015, aiming to improve the prosthetic leg, he retired from Sony, entered a doctoral program at the University of Tokyo, and engaged in research on robotic prostheses. In 2018, founded BionicM Inc.

SXSW 2017 Interactive Innovation Award Student Innovation. 2017 James Dyson Award Japan National Winner, International Top20. In 2018, Young Investigation Excellence Award from the Robotics Society of Japan. Adopted Social ICT Global Creative Leaders of Graduate Program in the University of Tokyo, and also Research Fellowship for Young Scientists of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2).

Teppei Sekiguchi

Chief Operating Officer

Earned a Master of Agricultural and Life Science from the University of Tokyo. During College, he founded an inbound business targeting wealthy people in East Asia, and also worked in joint projects with local governments and marketing consulting for tourist spots and shops.

After joining P&G, he was responsible for improving the production process of consumer goods, launching new factories and production lines in Asian countries, and project management for launching new products. He then moved to the Asia headquarter in Singapore to work on supply chain management for the APAC region. He received the CEO Award twice, which is given to employees who have achieved excellent results from all over the world in P&G.

He continue to challenge with BionicM Inc with the thought of "Making the world a better place with better product".

Masaki Hanzawa

Engineering General Manager

Graduated from Department of Engineering, Waseda University. He joined Sony after graduating from the University.As a mechanical engineer, he worked on the design, mass production, and quality control of video cameras and audio products. He retired from Sony in 2017 after taking charge of quality control manager.
He also participated in the Sony Seed Acceleration Program.

At BionicM, working as a mechanical designer and quality officer for robotic prosthetic.

Kazunori Ogasawara

Development General Manager

Earned a Master of Mechanical and Control Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology.During College, he participated in contests and exhibitions such as NHK University Robocon, IDC International Robot Contest, Maker Faire Tokyo, etc, and won the Idea Grand Prize in the 2011 Satellite Design Contest. He also served the president of Robocon team.

After graduation, he engaged in research and development of motion control of automobiles at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and later developed a capacitive touch sensor and a small electroless copper plating plant at AgIC (current Elephantech). and later developed an industrial robot at Minebea Mitsumi.

His fields of responsibility are electronic circuit design and embedded firmware, and also lead team by utilizing his experience of development from mechanical design to software.